Wood joinery in Monaco

S.A.M. des Entreprises J.B. PASTOR & FILS has a design office and a production workshop dedicated to wood joinery. Our activity consists, parallel to our “structural works” design, in fitting out the apartments created by J.B. PASTOR & FILS.

We can also offer:

  • Traditional joinery (internal doors for apartments, fire doors, service cupboards, etc.)
  • Installation of solid timber or engineered flooring.
  • Installation of timber decks, pergolas, timber staircases.

Our works are bespoke made-to-measure only, which requires an upstream study of the design with plans drawn up for use in our workshops. Manufacturing is provided by our production team in our own workshops. The timbers and other materials chosen to create our projects are, as far as possible, sourced from FSC-labelled forests, thus guaranteeing their sustainable management.

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