Our companies operate in various construction trades, in multiple specialities, and are convinced of the need to provide our clients with the most complete solutions possible. We have extended our activities in recent years. Today, we operate in earthworks, structural works, masonry, hard coatings, decorative plastering, prefabrication of facades, electrical, timber joinery, ironwork, painting, signage, etc.

All these trades have special characteristics and call on different techniques, but they have one thing in common: manual labour. In addition, aware of the changes to our profession, the techniques, the fact that works are carried out with tight deadlines and require efforts from our craftsmen that must in no way lead to work at the detriment of safety and quality, S.A.M des Entreprises J.B. PASTOR & FILS creates its works with a constant view to minimising the risks of accidents on site.

We have provided our staff with the most advanced equipment and apparatus in terms of safety and ensure every day that our worksites are meticulously organised while constantly raising our teams’ awareness of the importance of safety for everyone. Our approach to safety is designed to be both ambitious and responsible.

S.A.M. des Enterprises J.B. PASTOR & Fils considers safety as its top priority on sites. We have four full time security / quality officials within our team who are present on sites on a daily basis alongside the workers to raise awareness on the importance of observing the health and safety rules and ensure that work is conducted under the optimum conditions for all.