Sustainable Development

Our Company is a signatory of the “National Pact for Energy Transition” and is committed to a strategy to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions in 2021, alongside the Mission for Energy Transition and the Prince's Government.

In line with the strong commitments made by HSH Prince Albert II and the Principality of Monaco, J.B. PASTOR & FILS ensure respect for the environment is an absolute priority. This is shown by the implementation of several measures during our works whether that be public or private: choice of equipment in relation to acoustic quality, training our supervisors in “green initiatives”, adapting our worksite management, waste reclamation, use of specific techniques, etc. Optimising noise pollution and reducing electrical consumption are decisive elements implemented on our worksites: heating using solar panels, use of meters to check our consumption, etc. In general, our construction is in accordance with the latest techniques avalaible to help respect and preserve the environment.

Furthermore, S.A.M. des Entreprises J.B. PASTOR & FILS has committed to stand beside the “Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation” in signing up to the “Monaco combats deforestation” initiative. Also, in compliance with the “Charter on the use and virtuous management of wood” when using this material we are vigilant with regard to its origin, its recycling and we only choose timber that is certified FSC or PEFC; labels guaranteeing that our wood comes from sustainably-managed forests in order to combat deforestation. For further information, go to the “Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation” website: