Restoration in Monaco

The architectural heritage of the Principality includes numerous exceptional and historic buildings; our company is determined to preserve this rich heritage by restoring the buildings and residences that bear witness to Monaco’s extraordinary past, particularly in the “Belle Époque” or “Neo-Classical” styles, thanks to its perfect knowledge of the building trades, while improving the energy and acoustic performances of the buildings concerned.

Our restorations, including the “Barclays Wealth” offices, the “Villa Alexandre”, “Villa Lilly-Lou”, “ 10 Rue des Remparts “, the “Villa Shangri-là”, “6 Rue Terrazzani”, “Saint-John’s Court” and even the “Villa Farniente”, demonstrate our skills in this area. Furthermore, the transformation of a former hotel into an apartment complex for the “Résidence Le Mirabeau” also highlights our abilities in terms of modern renovations, with a contemporary style, in order to satisfy all our customers’ requests; an exercise repeated with the “La Casina” project, “Hôtel de Paris”, “Villa Farniente II”.